• Strategy

  • Business Plans

  • Market Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Due Diligence

  • Advice & Guidance

Sample Assignments

Business Plan

Worked for a potential broadband provider, researching and analyzing demographic and competitive data to calculate addressable market.  Investigated regulatory situation and economics to develop business plan.

Advice & Guidance

Worked with a major international broadcaster, who at the time was planning an English Language Service.  Assessed the strategic, financial, technology and staffing variables of a proposed JV, providing recommendations to senior management.

Market / Competitive Analysis

Worked for a broadband satellite operator to assess and locate future demand for a new satellite, scrutinizing potential terrestrial competitive offerings, to produce traffic analysis and beam loading.

Identified and classified competitive offerings for broadcast equipment manufacturer entering a new niche market.

Analyzed the market for satellite services in Eastern Europe, for a major operator who was not serving the region at the time.  Services examined included: DTH, CDN, contribution and broadband.  Potential customers for these services were identified.

Analyzed the future market potential for land (COTM and COTP), maritime and UAV commercial mobile broadband services.

Market Entry

Examined the regulatory and competitive landscape in the Middle East for a European Manufacturer and Service Provider, advising on market-entry strategy and introducing client to potential agents.