Why Definitive Direction?


“I’ve worked with Elisabeth for over 20 years, initially as a colleague at Hughes, and now as a consultant to SSL and some of our clients. She has great insight, and has done ground-truth level work for TV broadcast and broadband businesses. She has developed business plans from raw demographic data and original market research. Elisabeth is uniquely able to understand a market from her research, and turn that understanding into a winning business plan. She's a tremendous asset.” Tony Colucci, Vice President Business Development, Space Systems Loral

 I have had the excellent experience of working with Elisabeth Tweedie of Definitive Direction on the elaboration of a complex business plan to launch a new foreign TV channel in the United States. Elisabeth brought in another specialist to handle TV production planning and budgeting, and coordinated all aspects of research, marketing plan, logistics, financial planning and budgeting, and international coordination herself, with great precision. I would very definitely work with her again, as this project was most professionally executed. Paul Heinerscheid Managing Director, PRH Management SA, Managing Director, & CEO, Opuntia/LUXE TV (2011-2013)

"WildBlue was a client of Definitive Direction in 2008, when they performed in depth market analysis  and provided insight into specific market segments, technical feasibility, competitive landscape and economic feasibility. I was very impressed with their professionalism, work product and work ethic.

I recommend Definitive Direction to anyone who is looking to gain keen insights from a fresh, independent perspective.” David Leonard, Former CEO, WildBlue Communication

I have worked with Elisabeth for a number of years and she has always been proactive, courteous and has great knowledge of the industry. I would recommend her services and look forward to working with her on future projects.  Donna Palumbo, Marketing Manager, SIS Live

Elisabeth is known in the satellite communications industry for her comprehensive knowledge of the marketplace and competitive landscape; and her current market insights. We have worked together on several strategic projects for major providers of satellite communications services, with outstanding results.  Michael Tyler, Managing Director, Essex Lake Group LLC

“Occasionally, we receive requests for consulting or research work and we refer some of these enquiries to Elisabeth.  Her vast experience and in-depth knowledge of various satellite markets have proven invaluable to our clients.  They all have been very satisfied with Elisabeth’s work and professionalism. 

Elisabeth also regularly contributes articles to our publications.  Her articles have been objectively written, with insightful analysis and demonstrate a keen awareness of the global satellite markets.” Virgil Labrador, Editor-in-Chief, Satellite Executive Briefing


“Elisabeth came into Solaris and worked with our team to produce a revised business plan in a short timescale.  She hit the ground running, fitted in well and was instrumental in ensuring we produced a quality product in a short time.”     Steve Maine, Deputy Chairman 6° Group, Former Managing Director Solaris Mobile.

As a highly respected authority in the field of space industry market research, analysis and business planning, Elisabeth is instrumental to clients critically evaluating market potential for a variety of telecom applications.  She is especially adept at gathering, quantifying and extrapolating relevant clues and signals as distilled from a wide range of sources.  Close industry relationships coupled with phenomenal listening skills make her an important differentiator for evaluating competitive initiatives.” Scott Sobhani, Vice President ITAG

Since we first worked together at Hughes in the early 90’s I have held Elisabeth in the highest regard, as both a highly respected colleague and as a friend. Her in depth knowledge of the power, politics, technology and market forces that drive and continually reshape the global satellite communications industry is exceptional.  She applies critical thinking, proven analytical skills and uncommon powers of deduction to her market research that sharpens and strengthens the competitive edges of her clients. Penelope Longbottom, President Longbottom Communications, A Division of Sage Communications

We have engaged Elisabeth to do several business model and product research projects and we are very pleased with her work.  Concise, thorough, well researched and presented are just a few of the many accolades to describe Elisabeth's analysis.  I strongly recommend her and we will do more projects with her in the future. Gene J. Zimmerman Jr., President, Cobalt Digital Inc.

Elisabeth’s ability to uncover, access and interpret complex data is unquestionable. However, it is with what emerges from such an analysis that her true talent is exposed and which separates her from others in the field. Her ability to craft value-add ‘workable’ strategies from complex data shows remarkable insight and understanding of not only the industry but her clients. Her ability to then communicate complex forms simply shows a person who is at the forefront of the industry. As a result of her innate propensity to share, mentor or inspire, it is hard to walk away from a conversation with Elisabeth without gaining some value from the discussion. A remarkable talent, I would not hesitate to recommend her.  Ian Campbell, Director, Valufacture Solutions Pty. Ltd.